In addition to new tennis court construction and resurfacing gravel tennis courts with synthetic sports grass,  SGT Sports Surfaces (Synthetic Grass Tasmania) can rejuvenate your existing court by removing the contaminated, compacted sand and replacing it with clean, draining sand (as per industry standards).

To keep your tennis court or synthetic grass sports surface looking good and playing well, our artificial turf cleaning machinery is perfect for cleaning, de-compacting, grooming and maintenance of your sand and / or rubber in-filled synthetic grass sports surface.

If your court is heavily contaminated with algae/ moss, it may require removal and disposal of more than just the top layer of contaminated growth/sand.

Our specialised machinery and system of  removal of the contaminated sand is designed to minimise the dust pollution within the environment.

With our expert knowledge in caring for your synthetic grass sports surface we can assess your investment and offer a solution.

Talk to us about a maintenance program for your synthetic grass sports surface or artificial turf area – whether it be a clean and groom, moss/ algae treatment or water blast & re-sand.

View one of our machines at work cleaning, grooming and de-compacting the surface of the local artificial turf soccer field.